Vocal Confidence Workshops

Free Your Voice

Vocal Confidence Workshops

Free Your Voice is a series of 12 workshops designed by jazz singer Sarah Fenwick based on her lifelong experience to help singers and speakers to build their confidence on stage.

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“I always wanted to enjoy performing, and not feel stressed or blocked when the music starts. In these 12 one-on-one workshops I share my hands-on, direct experiences, tips and techniques for performing at your best.” Sarah Fenwick

Workshop participants include Jazz singers, Pop singers, TV presenters, Speakers and Musical Theatre singers.


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Does this scare you? Overcome your fears with Vocal Confidence Training.
Workshop Session 1&2: Free Your Emotions

We all have a marvellous instrument inside ourselves. It’s called the voice; and when used with passion and control, your instrument can express your emotions, your missions, your ideas and your very being in the most amazing ways.

Workshop Session 3&4: Free Your Breathing

In this workshop we focus on the importance of good breathing technique and getting back in touch with our breathing mechanism. Our voice is a wind instrument so it needs air to function properly. When we control our breathing we control our voice.

Workshop Session 5&6: Free Your Bones

Our faces are made up of an internal amplification system which is our facial bone structure.

Workshop Session 7&8: Free Your Routine

The power behind our instrument – the voice – comes from our lungs, and it’s vital to take daily steps to protect and care for these wonderful organs.

Chapter 9&10: Free Yourself

The moment you open your mouth to sing or speak, you are expressing who you are, and it’s important to understand the role your culture and family background have played in shaping your personality. That brings us to the question of Who Am I?

Chapter 11&12 On Camera – In Public

Ever since we were tiny babies, we have sought attention. Attention and love bring us food and help us to survive, and it’s an inborn instinct to seek attention, so when we decide to perform, the act is very natural.


“My name is Andrea Charalambous…I’m doing workshops with Sarah Fenwick…She is amazing,and great singer.. She understands exactly what you need…At the very first lesson, we made a conversation about ourselves, just to find the feelings that we hide inside us..she taught me the breathing technique which is the most important thing for a singer..”

“Great opportunity to study with Sarah Fenwick. Transformational experience!!! I am very grateful to be her student.” Krystyna Tyszkiewicz, Singer, Actress.

“Sarah’s vocal coaching workshops helped me to prepare for my first important interview on camera when I needed fast and effective training for this professional purpose. Sarah’s vocal coaching goes beyond that. I felt that she shared her experience and knowledge in such a way that I learned quickly not only how to control my voice, posture and breathing while interviewing and presenting but also other invaluable tips, like how to properly position myself in front of the camera. I recommend ‘Free Your Voice’ workshops for anyone who needs to learn how to present to camera or other forms of public speaking.” Dr George Georghiou

“Sarah’s training helped me to enhance the control over my voice, which raised my persuasiveness. The key skill I learned was when and how to breathe, and this helped me to use my vocal tools correctly. The video and audio analysis we did in the workshops was a good way to see how others would perceive me. As a trainer, I found Sarah to be patient, empathic, fun and someone who can show the way clearly with realistic and authentic examples.” Francisco Otto, Businessman


The workshops are designed for singers who already have training in vocal technique. Speakers with and without experience are welcome. Each workshop is 50 Euros, paid after the session. The schedule is agreed in advance, and is flexible. The workshops are 1.5 to two hours each, depending on the flow of the session and the participant’s needs. A Certificate of Accomplishment is awarded to each participant.

Location: Sarah’s Jazz Club in Nicosia old town; an inspiring space with a stage for the practicals and rehearsing repertoire.

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Email: sarah@sarahfenwick.com